Claiming money after a disaster can be incredibly tiring and time-consuming. Insurance companies become flooded with hundreds to thousands of claims from disaster victims looking to rebuild homes, businesses, or cover damages to personal belongings. Because of the large influx of claims, it can take insurance agents an indefinite amount of time to review the claims that they receive. Because of this logistical complication, victims are usually encouraged to hire an attorney to expedite the claims process. If an insurance claim gets denied a lawyer can also be incredibly useful in appealing in order to get the required money for their clients.

People living in the path of tropical storms are often the victims of extensive damage and property loss. Countless tropical storms and hurricanes have passed through the Gulf coast regions. Hurricane Katrina and Ike, together, accrued over $120 billion in damages. People living in these coastal regions especially need to be aware of the importance of hiring a lawyer to assist with hurricane claims.

Coastal residents are also vulnerable to another type of disaster, the environmental disaster. Environmental disasters damage the environment and are almost always caused by human error or negligence. The most common environmental disasters are oil spills. The Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010 caused an enormous amount of damage to coastal industries like fishing, tourism, and harvesting. It’s estimated that about 176 million gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico during the incident. Many businesses and victims with property damage are still trying to collect compensation three years after the incident. It’s highly encouraged that people still struggling with their BP claim appeal contact a lawyer experienced in this legal area.

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