In the mood for a good meal or even just a cheeky drink while in the great city of Milwaukee? There are plenty of great restaurants and bars all around but there is one such gem that has remained quite hidden for quite some time. It is a definite must to pop around for a little visit to the County Clare Irish Inn & Pub for a memory worth remembering.

County Clare fits perfectly with the aesthetic that seems to be the motif for most of Milwaukee’s trendier hotspots. Fit with just the right blend of artsy, vintage, and modern – this little pub has definitely earned its low-key reputation as one of the coolest places to be, if you happen to know where to look. Located in a prime corner, sitting comfortably just west of Juneau Park, it’s a bit magical – once you know it’s there, you’ll never stop seeing it at the corner of your eye.

If you find yourself at this little taste of Ireland, you should definitely try their Bloody Mary. There isn’t anything quite like it anywhere else. And if you’re pining for a Guinness, the bartenders here sure do know how to pour a good one. Also recommended are their shepherd’s pies as well as their bangers and mash (sausages and mashed potatoes, to those of you who can’t quite make heads or tails of the slang across the pond – but make the mistake of calling them British at your own expense, mate!).

Their authentic Irish breakfast is best enjoyed after a night in at the rooms they offer in-house too!

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